Thank you for coming our site.
In this site , we sale traditional craft goods of Shizuoka ,Japan ,which has long history.
They are bamboo crafts, dyeing wares.

Don't you think ,traditional craft is expensive?
However, they are not arts ,and it is the goods for use.
We use traditions. It was fond of hundreds of years in Japan.

Let's use traditional crafts!

Information. On, September 20.2000.
Works gallery  Gafoo Kuroda's original works. Light wares.
Craftsmen and artists  I introduce Gafoo Kuroda.
!Links Traditional crafts in Japan.

Insect cages

For interior!


Traditional Crafts in Shizuoka, Japan  Bamboo ware, lacquer ware, sowed picture, wooden ware, dyeing ware.
Shizuoka in Japan It is the town which I live in. It has long history.
Self-introduction It is my page.
LinksTraditional crafts and craftsmen.
Works gallery My works, SURUGA SENSUJI,Bamboo wares.
Craftsmen and artists  I introduce craftsmen and artists of my friends and teachers in Shizuoka, Japan.

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My name: GAFOO KURODA in Hanabusa corporation.
Our address: 1-15 tamachi, Shizuoka city, JAPAN. 420-0068
Tel,Fax: 054-273-0680.JAPAN

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