The guidance of Shizuoka City.


There are natures in sea, mountains, rivers ,in.Shizuoka City.
I think, Shizuoka City is the most wonderful town in Japan.
First, if Japan is said, it is Mt Fuji.
Mt Fuji is in Shizuoka Prefecture.
It seems to be beautiful from my house.
I like it very much.
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This is Toro remain.
It is about 1800 years ago. There are remains of residences and food warehouses.
Children come well for the excursion there.@
The living national treasure of dyeing, Serizawa museum are near here.

This is the east gate of Sunpu castle.
Shizuoka City was called Sunpu until 100 years ago.
400 years ago, King of Japan , Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu built Sunpu castle here. It had very great castle tower. But, it was burned soon, and then it is called the castle tower of illusion.
Though we want to rebuild it,there is no draft. And,because it was the castle tower of Ieyasu who was the king at that time, the construction fee is too expensive.
But, I am looking forward to it.
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