My name is Masatoshi Kuroda.
I was born on February 6, 1959. I am 38 years old. My blood type is O.
I became the pupil of my father Eiichi Kuroda who is the Traditional craft artist , at 30 years old. Then, I have been making various works of SURUGA SENSUJI.
And, I join "Suruga creative" that is the interchange meeting of the successor of Traditional Crafts of Shizuoka city . So I am doing the study of the designs and so on ,there. I am making the craftworks loved by everyone.
I have campaigns as the demonstration every year in the department store of each place in summer.@I am working for the diffusion of Traditional Crafts .
Then, I am interested about the craftwork of your towns.
By all means, teach them to me.
And, everyone of the young craftsmen , do your best ,together.

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